Landon Collins Is A Fantasy Stud In Leagues Including Individual Defensive Players

Being a tackling machine has made former Alabama safety Landon Collins an extremely popular player in some fantasy football leagues
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If you're an Alabama football fan, you're already well aware that former Crimson Tide standout Landon Collins is a stud safety.

But did you also know that he's considered a fantasy football stud as well? 

A big-time priority for fantasy football players who participate in independent defensive player leagues (known as IDP leagues) is acquiring quality defensive backs because there are so few of them. 

Think about it, the best cornerbacks only rarely have the ball thrown their way and aren't involved in too many tackles.

According to Sports Illustrated fantasy sports analyst Matt DeLima there are three pass defenders who stand out above the rest this season: Derwin James of the Chargers, Landon Collins of the Redskins, and Jamal Adams of the Jets.

But where should they get drafted in IDP leagues? SI fantasy football analysts Jaime Eisner and Shawn Childs joined Corey Parson to discuss the defensive backs’ value in fantasy leagues.

DeLima has the dynamic James listed first, and Adams second, especially since he scored a couple of touchdowns last season and is also solid against the run. 

Collins was third, but he's arguably been the most consistent of the three. 

"[He's] a guy who that has 120 tackles per 16 game pace in his career," Eisner said. "The only concern with him is he has no interceptions over the last two seasons. So you're relying a lot on those tackle numbers for him or for him to emerge like he was with the Giants as a big-play machine in the secondary."