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Just Like NFL, Quarterbacks at Premium in NIL Era

With transfers setting record numbers, the most important position getting the most attention

Right now, quarterback is the one position Arkansas hasn't been forced to chase hard in this year's transfer portal.

Part of that is KJ Jefferson's development over the past year.

Another part is Malik Hornsby coming back after dipping his toe in the water for a couple of days ... literally.

Malik Hornsby


Nationwide, the perception of how teams are doing in the transfer portal is dominated by talk about the quarterback position as John Garcia, Jr., pointed out in a Sports Illustrated story Thursday.

The Razorbacks didn't deal with that this year. They did in 2020, getting Feliepe Franks to Fayetteville and his playing time with the Atlanta Falcons this year has shown that can work out coming to the Hogs.

Linebacker was the priority this cycle and Bumper Pool's announcement a couple of weeks ago was followed by a name, image and likeness deal this week.

It's a part of the transfer portal nobody is talking about. It would be difficult to get anyone to believe the two events didn't transpire independently over a two-week period.

Don't look for it to end, even with the second national signing date coming up in the windshield fast in a couple of weeks.

"There is no finish line for the 2022 (cycle) with all the portal action," an FBS head coach told SI Wednesday evening.

It probably won't end for the Hogs, either. 

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Sam Pittman's bunch picked up a walk-on quarterback from South Florida last week. Whether that's the answer is up for debate.

Maybe the best news is not really news. Somehow, Kendal Briles leaving Fayetteville for Miami didn't seem to be a likely scenario.

Kendal Briles


The announcement that Georgia quarterback JT Daniels has hit the portal again Thursday has added more chaos to what was already a high-profile courting game going on for others like Oklahoma's Caleb Williams.

Williams was the second Sooners' starting quarterback last season getting out of Norman ... if he leaves. He left that option open in his original announcement.

It's a big game of musical chairs and quarterback is the one everybody wants.

But not at Arkansas ... at least this cycle.

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