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Producer from Lebatard Show Crosses Hog Fans; Pays Heavy Price

Blocked by Briles, pummeled by Hog fans, Ryan's Twitter got ugly

Late Thursday afternoon Tweets started flying across social media proclaiming how it is never a good idea to cross the Arkansas Razorbacks without any context.

It was the equivalent to walking down the hallways to go to recess while overhearing the grade that goes before you chattering about how awesome the fight on the playground was.

It all boils down to a guy named Mike Ryan going after Kendal Briles over the Miami offensive coordinator position. 

Ryan, who was/is a producer for the Dan Lebatard Show (Dan Patrick dropped in on Thursday's episode to announce Ryan would be moving to the Dan Patrick Show to take the infamous "McLovin"'s spot), accused Briles of pretending to have an offer with Miami so seem loyal to the Hogs and perhaps get a raise along the way.

Ryan makes a point on his Twitter description of letting people know that if they disagree with him, even a little, they will be blocked.

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 11.44.10 AM

Well, it appears Briles wanted to honor how Ryan handles disagreeing with someone by doing the blocking for him.

Ryan posted a few other choice comments regarding Briles, and in return, was brutalized by Razorback fans. There are hundreds of these, many of which could not be run, and others that would take forever to edit all the curse words in Photoshop.

Here is the handful we could salvage to give people an idea of how the day played out.

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Despite the onslaught, Ryan doubled down and so did Hog fans.

Even still, Ryan just couldn't let it go.

As stated before, these were the nice, family friendly tweets posted. 

The message couldn't be more clear. Don't EVER cross Arkansas Twitter.

Now a few final words from those who took up the cause against Ryan.

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