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Only Thing Consistent with Hogs Is Wildly Inconsistent

Eric Musselman battling a long list of issues that seem to change every game

Eric Musselman can't seem to get things resolved fast enough this year.

Every time he tries to fix one thing others pop up in a game.

Don't get this wrong. It's not a coaching issue. They know what the issues are but they appear to get one issue fixed, a second one pops up, then a third one surfaces and the first one pops up again.

"It’s been a mixed bag," Musselman said of the problems Monday looking at Wednesday night's game with Missouri.

Turnovers, though, are a recurring theme that keep happening.

"The percentages are saying right now that the live-ball turnovers are the real killers," Musselman said.

The problems have made him bring in an outside company to look at what the Hogs are doing wrong.

"Which I’ve never done mid-year," he said. "We’ve always done that at the end of the year. That’s something that I was reading.

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"It was 29 pages, and I went through all of that (Sunday) night with notes. Some of the players have already seen their individual write-ups. I’m sure that any time you turn the ball over it is a little bit deflating."

Opponents are averaging just over 22 points a game off turnovers in the Hogs' losses. The live-ball turnovers are, basically, giving points to the other team.

Nearly every league game has seen a stretch where the Hogs turn the ball over.

"Our turnovers are an issue," Musselman said.

Now they get a chance to see if it's fixed against a very average Missouri team.

And they are running out of games to fix things.

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