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Auburn podcaster chimes in on the Auburn offensive line

Auburn could add a lot of talent to the offensive line over the next few weeks.

The Auburn Tigers have made the offensive line a priority in the transfer portal.

The general belief is that Auburn will aim to add one offensive tackle and one interior offensive lineman via the portal before Spring classes start on January 10th.

Several names have popped up on Auburn's offensive line. Two big ones that are expected to be here this weekend are Vinny Sciury of Toledo and Fernando Carmona Jr. of San Jose State.

Auburn podcaster Darrell Dapprich discussed the two impressive offensive linemen on Wednesday's Locked On Auburn.

"Sciury and Carmona have come on late after (Matthew) Bedford and (Jerquan) Scott visited. And I've heard, as you have as well, from people that said Auburn really likes these two dudes better. And if you look at their grades and how they graded out last year, you know, I get it. I mean, I was one of those guys just a week ago who said I'd rather see power five offensive linemen. But when you look at these dudes and their numbers, it worked well with Britton. Why not follow that same pattern?"

Sciury had a pass-blocking grade of 89.4 according to PFF. He allowed just one sack all season as Toledo's left guard. Carmona received an 81.5 overall offensive grade via PFF including an 89.3 pass blocking grade. He gave up two sacks all season as San Jose State's left tackle.

"If you're bringing in two new guys, let them play the same side together, the left side, which is the most important side," Dapprich said. "Offensive tackle and left guard, you don't have to disrupt who might be used to playing with each other on the right side. Again, the left side is very, very crucial. for a right-handed quarterback. And both of them do a really good job in pass pro. As far as run graders, that'd be interesting to see."

If Auburn were to land Sciury and Caroma, it would be interesting to see if they would keep Dillon Wade, who started at left tackle for Auburn last season at tackle or would they move him inside to guard. 

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