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Locked on Boston College: Hunter Long Draft Profile

Where could Hunter Long land in the NFL Draft? We take a look and talk to Mitchell Wolfe about his scouting report on the Boston College tight end.
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On today's Locked on Boston College we are joined by staff writer Mitchell Wolfe to talk about Hunter Long and the tight end's stock heading into this weekend's NFL Draft. We look at a variety of factors, including some pundits criticism of Long's run blocking, where his traits line up compared to other tight ends and more. 

Wolfe also gives a lock at some potential NFL teams that match up well with Long, and gives a prediction on where he could end up. (Hint: It's a team with strong connections to the Eagles). Also, you'll get to hear what players Wolfe believes Long could most resemble in his NFL career.

All of that and a news segment filled with updates you won't want to miss. 

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