Locked on Boston College: What was the Worst BC Decision Ever?

Our daily podcast looks a question that has haunted Boston College fans for years.

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On today's episode we tackle some big topics. As a follow up to yesterday's five emerging stars on BC football, we give you at least three more names to watch out for in 2021. Who were the trio that we added to the list? Listen below to find out.  

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Also on today's program we look at some of the topics swirling around the world of Boston College sports. Yet another men's basketball game was cancelled because of COVID-19. We also look at a few more names in the recruiting world that you will want to keep your eyes on. 

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Finally, we answer an age old question amongst the Boston College community. What was a worse move for the school. Firing Jeff Jagodzinski or firing Al Skinner? We give our answer in today's episode, but please make sure to leave your reasoning in the comment section below after you listen. 

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