NCAA Votes To Adopt Transfer Resolution In January

A.J. Black

The NCAA voted to meet in January to adopt a new "comprehensive legislative package creating uniform, modernized rules governing eligibility after transfer for student-athletes in all sports." The vote had originally been pushed to June, and based on various reports the 2020 season was not going to be in their decision. 

For years the NCAA has allowed players in some sports to transfer without having to sit a year, but women and men's basketball, and football all had to wait. 

The transfer environment has long been an issue of much discussion in Division I. The Division I Council is committed to a uniform and equitable approach to transfer rules that considers student-athlete well- being and the opportunities available after transfer,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “We will not simply change the rule, but we will consider a comprehensive package designed to address the multiple complexities involved.”

The committee will consider whether to allow all athletes the ability to transfer and be eligible immediately.  

For many Boston College fans this was one of the avenues they were hoping would bring quarterback Phil Jurkovec and new transfer WR Jaelen Gill into the starting lineup in 2020. However, both transfers will now have to go back to the old model, and have a waiver filed and hope that the NCAA approves it. Based on the inconsistency the league has shown in applying the waiver, it could be anyones guess whether they are approved or not. 

BC Bulletin will provide all updates on any news regarding Phil Jurkovec and Jaelen Gill's waiver requests. 

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Jurkovec enrolled in Jan. He should get waiver or BC needs injunction and to lawyer UP!