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Locked on Boston College: Locked on Bama Crossover

It's all BC and Bama talk on today's show

On today's special episode of Locked on Boston College we cohost with Locked on Bama to talk all about the two teams. Of course we talk a lot about the upcoming games in 2031 and 2034. We look at the where the two teams could be in ten years. Will Nick Saban still be coaching? And if not who are some options that could be? 

Also we talk about southern college football. As a northern school, we realize that the culture around football is very different in the SEC. We talk about how different. What does a typical weekend look like during game week at Alabama? 

Then of course the Alabama host interviews us. We give him a history of Boston College post Doug Flutie, with all the ups and numerous downs. 

Listen to today's show below!

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