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BYU AD Tom Holmoe Releases Statement Regarding the BYU-Utah State Football Series

Utah State was one of four 2023 nonconference games remaining on BYU's schedule

On Thursday, BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe released a statement regarding the future of the BYU-Utah State football series.

"As we prepare to enter Big 12 membership, we've had to make many adjustments to nonconference games on our future schedules," Holmoe said. "We are grateful to Utah State for being a willing partner in scheduling games throughout the years, especially the last decade as we've navigated independence. While we don't have the Aggies scheduled beyond 2022 at this point, we will continue to work to play this in-state game again in the future."

Utah State AD John Hartwell said the Aggies are "committed to working with BYU to find scheduling opportunities in the future."

Prior to Holmoe's announcement, BYU had already cancelled or postponed all but four 2023 nonconference games. One of the four remaining games was an away game at Utah State. Holmoe's statement insinuates that the 2023 matchup between the Aggies and the Cougars has been officially cancelled.

Samson Nacua vs Utah State

Now that Utah State is not on BYU's 2023 schedule, it appears that the Cougars' first nonconference schedule as a member of the Big 12 has been set.

Remaining Games on BYU’s 2023 Schedule

Here are the games that remain on BYU’s 2023 schedule.

vs Tennessee - Sep 2

@ Arkansas - Sep 16

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@ UCF - Nov 11 (Will either be cancelled or folded into a conference game)

vs Southern Utah* - Nov 18

@ Arkansas - Sep 16

*In theory, the game against Southern Utah could be played on Sep 9 and swapped for a conference game on Nov 18. However, Southern Utah already has a game scheduled for Sep 9. Therefore, one of three things is going to happen:

  1. SUU will adjust its schedule to fit BYU on September 9th - that is probably the best-case scenario.
  2. BYU could schedule a bye this week. Having a bye week scheduled for the second week of the season is not ideal. It would be much better for BYU to have a bye during conference play.
  3. BYU will have to find a new opponent for that day.

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