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BYU AD Tom Holmoe Addresses Boise State and Scheduling in December on 1280 the Zone

Tom Holmoe joined DJ & PK to talk about BYU's 2020 football schedule.

Tom Holmoe joined DJ & PK on 1280 the Zone on Monday morning and talked about BYU's 2020 football schedule. BYU is 2-0 including two dominant performances. Now, people are looking ahead to BYU's remaining schedule, particularly the openings in November, and wondering who BYU could schedule to improve their strength of schedule. Here is the link to Tom Holmoe's interview.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson told the media last Friday that Boise State could play BYU in 2020. "There's the potential that a Boise State-BYU previously scheduled game could be played." Thompson said, "Other than that, it would be all conference games." Air force is set to travel to Army on the weekend of November 7th - the same weekend that BYU was originally scheduled to travel to Boise State. That leaves the Mountain West in need for one non-conference opponent. BYU has an availability on that weekend and playing Boise State would be a perfect fit. 

Holmoe addressed Thompson's comments in his interview with DJ & PK. Holmoe said, "It's not a BYU thing, it's a Mountain West conference thing." Holmoe explained that the opportunity came up when the Mountain West conference decided to return to play while respecting the rivalries between the military academies. "It's good for the military academies," Holmoe said. 

On whether or not the game between Boise State and BYU will happen this November, Holmoe said, "We want to play the games, we'll try to play them if it's feasible." 

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With conferences like the Big Ten and the Mountain West playing into mid December, Holmoe was asked whether BYU would schedule games in December: "There are some open dates and there could be more games in December," Holmoe said. Later in the interview, Holmoe said BYU "would be open" to playing in December barring approval from the university and local health officials.

While discussing schedules, Holmoe added that "It's hard to imagine any P5 games popping up right now. They will all be playing conference games." He also made a few comments on BYU's bowl situation in 2020: 

"It's different than it's ever been. It's nice to have ESPN as a partner cause there were a lot of bowls that didn't know if they were going to play. For BYU, we're waiting with ESPN to see how it all unfolds, to see which bowls will be available. With all those games open [before the Big Ten and PAC-12 opted to play in 2020], there were some intriguing possibilities but I'll step away from those right now."

BYU's only scheduled game in November is on the 21st against North Alabama. BYU could potentially reschedule their postponed game against Army on the 28th. BYU was originally scheduled to play Boise State on November 6th.