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Field Yates: Zach Wilson is 'Most Exciting Playmaker at the QB Position in the Draft'

Field Yates is an NFL insider for ESPN.
zach wilson

Zach Wilson has been evaluated by a wide variety of national pundits since he surged onto the national scene last Fall. In a recent segment with ESPN, Field Yates said the former BYU quarterback "is the most exciting playmaker prospect at the quarterback position in the 2021 NFL Draft." You can listen to Yates' full comments, along with a few Zach Wilson highlights, below.

"He has an unquestioned electricity to him that takes just a handful of plays to discover. Wilson displays an array of creativity inside and outside of the pocket, a fearlessness to let the ball rip down the field, a willingness to extend the play to fight for more, and the athletic ability to make this all happen...there were plays in Wilson's college career where a near sack turned into an offensive highlight. Wilson is must-see TV." - Field Yates

Yates continued, "In a league where a quarterback that can win with his mobility is becoming more of the rule than the exception, Zach Wilson fits right in. Elusive enough to dodge hard-charging defensive ends in the pocket and make linebackers miss in the open field, Wilson will consistently stress the defense as a dual-threat player. No play is dead with Wilson under center."

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