Film Review of Latest BYU Football Offer: QB Jaxson Dart

Casey Lundquist

BYU Football extended an offer to the first QB in the 2021 class - Jaxson Dart. Dart played his first three years of high school football at Roy High School. Dart transferred to Corner Canyon where he will play his Senior season. Take a look at his film below, it's time for our first film review. 

There's a lot to like about Dart's game. Three things stand out when I watch his film:

Arm Talent

First and foremost, Dart's arm strength stands out on film. He can make all the throws with relative ease. Whether he's comfortable in the pocket or scrambling away from pressure, Dart is able to get velocity on his throws. His arm talent, however, extends beyond his strong arm. 

The thing I like most about Dart's film is his ability to blend velocity with touch. You can find a lot of QB's with a strong arm, but it's really hard to find one that can pull back the velocity and maintain accuracy - Dart is able to make throws over Linebackers and under Safeties. Dart's capacity to fit the ball in a tight window on one play then hit the Tight End with a ball over the shoulder on the next makes him an enticing prospect. I expect Dart to receive a lot more offers by the time he signs. 

Mobility in the Pocket

Dart prefers to throw the ball but he can be dangerous on the ground as well. When he scrambles, he is usually buying time for his receivers rather than finding a running lane. I really like his ability to escape pressure and keep his eyes downfield. 

Accuracy Downfield 

Dart's accuracy on long throws downfield is really special. He is accurate from the pocket, but he maintains his downfield accuracy under pressure. Dart reminds me a little bit of Baker Mayfield in the way he's able to avoid pressure, scramble, and hit receivers in stride downfield. Let me be clear: I am not saying Jaxson Dart is Baker Mayfield. I think Dart's playing style is similar to that of Mayfield's. 

Dart has to prove that he can perform at the same level against better competition, but he has all the tools the be a very good Quarterback at the next level. BYU is the first D1 school out West to offer Dart and they certainly won't be the last.

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


He's currently an 81 rating at 247 (low 3 star) and I find that really low. He's got all the tools...


He’s already 210 could end up 220 with scramble ability. Looks really good



Casey Lundquist