Former BYU Great, Taysom Hill, Named Third Fastest QB in Madden '21

Casey Lundquist

July is typically a slow month in terms of college football news. This year, July college football news is even slower and has been only bad news. Last week, both the Big Ten and PAC-12 announced their intentions to play a conference-only schedule this fall. Even conference games might be cancelled as cases of COVID-19 spike across the country. With the fate of the upcoming season in jeopardy, let's turn our attention to former Cougars in the NFL.

Today, EA Sports released the five fastest quarterbacks in Madden 2021:

For those that might not be able to see the embedded Tweet, EA Sports listed the five fastest quarterbacks as follows:

  1. Lamar Jackson - 96
  2. Kyler Murrary - 91
  3. Taysom Hill - 90
  4. Marcus Mariota - 88
  5. Tyrod Taylor - 87

Taysom Hill was one of the best athletes to ever put on a BYU uniform. His unique skillset has translated very well to the NFL as a utility player for the New Orleans Saints. Last week, BYUTV posted highlights of the BYU vs Texas game in 2013. This served as a welcome reminder to BYU fans of how lethal Taysom Hill was when healthy:

Against Texas, Hill ran for an astonishing 259 yards on the ground - the second most in school history at that time.

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Casey Lundquist