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Jim Mora: How NFL Scouts View Zach Wilson's 2020 Emergence

Last week, we kicked off an exciting new series here at Cougs Daily where we discuss various BYU topics with former UCLA head coach Jim Mora. In my recent discussion with Mora, we discussed Zach Wilson's 2020 emergence and the strength of schedule he faced last season. You can listen to Mora's full response in the video above. 

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The most common criticism of Zach Wilson is the strength of the opponents he faced in 2020 when he had his breakout season. I asked Mora how NFL scouts evaluate a player like Zach who burst onto the scene in one season. Mora said, "You analyze all that and then you come to your own conclusion based on your analysis. My analysis is this: the competition wasn't as good, as stringent, as tough as it's been it the past, yet his performance never dipped. He played with a great level of consistency. When you talk about great players, it's not always who they play, it's how they play. Whether the coverage was tight or not, he threw an accurate pass."

Mora continued, explaining why he believes Zach Wilson has the skills to be an effective quarterback in the NFL. "In the NFL, you've got to throw it before your receiver makes a break a lot of the time...that takes confidence, instincts,  a great feel for your receivers, and it takes certainly accuracy and I see that Zach has all of those things."

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