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Listen: Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh Welcome Zach Wilson to New York

Listen to the call between Zach Wilson and the New York Jets front office before they selected Wilson as the second pick in the NFL Draft.
zach wilson nfl draft new york jets

The New York Jets selected Zach Wilson with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. After making the pick, the New York Jets social media team released the call from GM Joe Douglas and head coach Saleh welcoming Wilson to New York. You can listen to that call here:

General Manager Joe Douglas

Zach Wilson: Joe, how you doing?

Joe Douglas: I'm doing good man, I'm good. How's your day been?

Zach Wilson: Very exciting, I've had a blast.

Joe Douglas: It's a once in a lifetime thing, man. When did you start playing football?

Zach Wilson: Seven years old.

Joe Douglas: Just remember, have fun. This is still that same game you started playing when you were seven years old. 

Zach Wilson: Yes sir.

Joe Douglas: All you've got to do is be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Zach Wilson: Yes sir, I'm going to give you guys everything I've got.

Joe Douglas: I know you are.

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Head Coach Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh: What's up man?

Zach Wilson: What's up?

Robert Saleh: Hey bro, congratulations man. 

Zach Wilson: Thanks, Coach. I'm pumped. 

Robert Saleh: You know how exciting this is. I'm pumped for you. The biggest thing I want to tell you, remember this. This organization is going to lift you. Not the other way around. 

Zach Wilson: Yes sir. 

Robert Saleh: Enjoy this day. What a friggin moment. It'll be all gas from here on out. 

Zach Wilson: Yes sir. 

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