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Five Recruits that have Officially Visited BYU in June

BYU has hosted five highly-touted recruits for official visits

During the month of June, BYU has hosted dozens of recruits on campus for unofficial visits. The Cougars have also hosted five highly-touted recruits for official visits, and they will be hosting another official visitor this week. Here are the five prospects that have already officially visited in June.

Simione Pale - OL

Four-star offensive lineman Simione Pale was on campus last weekend for an official visit. Pale has also taken official visits to UCLA and Oregon State, and he has plans to take a trip to Stanford this weekend. He is expected to make a decision after the visits and before the football season.

Walker Lyons - TE

When BYU offered 2023 tight end Walker Lyons a scholarship back in December of 2020, it was only his second scholarship offer. Since then, he has received nearly 30 offers including offers from the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma and USC among others. He has also been ranked a top-five tight end in the class by recruiting services.

Lyons was on campus for an official visits during the first week of June. Since then, he has taken officials to Utah and USC with an official to Stanford expected. Like Pale, it's anticipated that Lyons will make his college decision before his senior football season.

Hunter Clegg - DE

Another four-star prospect, Hunter Clegg was on campus with Walker Lyons, Jackson Bowers, and Ethan Thomason. Clegg trimmed his list of schools to BYU, Utah, Baylor, Auburn, Stanford, LSU, and USC. However, he has only taken official visits to BYU and Utah thus far. He is expected to take an official visit to Stanford before making his college decision.

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Jackson Bowers - TE

Jackson Bowers took an official visit to BYU before taking official visits to Arizona and Washington. He is expected to make his college decision between now and the end of July.

Ethan Thomason - OL

Ethan Thomason has a final eight of BYU, Utah, Stanford, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Nebraska, and Colorado. He is a priority target for BYU, and he was on campus in early June. He has also taken an official visit to Utah. Thomason could make a college decision before the football season. If he does, he might make a quiet commitment to the coaching staff of his choice and make a public announcement later.

What is an official visit?

Each prospect is allowed five official visits during their recruitment. What is the difference between an official visit and an unofficial visit? Official visits are paid for by the school hosting the recruit, and a recruit is only allowed to take five official visits. In addition, official visits can only take place during specific months of the year.

Unofficial visits are funded by the recruits and their families. Additionally, recruits can take as many unofficial visits as they want.