Bryan Bresee Making Transition From High School To Clemson Look Easy


In most cases, there is an adjustment period for football players transitioning from the high school ranks to the college level. 

There are exceptions to that rule, however, and Clemson's freshman defensive tackle Bryan Bresee fits into that category. After an early offsides penalty on the first defensive series Saturday night, Bresee settled in nicely, registering half a sack and a blocked field goal in the No. 1 Tigers' 37-13 win over Wake Forest.

'I think they kind of forgot about it (penalty)," Bresee said on Tuesday. "But just getting out on the field, even though, I mean there were no fans there but the idea of being out in my first college game I was definitely a little bit shaken up and nervous. I get out there and now the first play, jump offsides, which didn't really help, but getting that half-sack and then blocking that kick was definitely like a big relief for me."

While Bresee is acclimating to the college game nicely so far, he has had some help along the way. Fellow defensive tackles Tyler Davis and Jordan Williams have been there every step of the way, always willing to lend a helping hand. 

"Tyler Davis would be in here all the time with me going over the plays, technique, and watching practice after we'd just practiced," Bresee said. "Jordan Williams as well. Because those guys definitely really helped me learn the plays. It was awesome learning from players who could be in there all the time with you."

The days of Bresee relying on pure strength to get by are gone, and while his transition may be going more smoothly than most others, that isn't to say it's all been easy. Although, so far he's done all the necessary things needed to be successful and is quite satisfied with where he is at this point in his development. 

"It was night and day, you know, everyone's super strong, super technical, and I had to learn all that coming from high school," Bresee said. "I definitely relied on my strength and just my ability in high school and when I got here I had to get a lot more technical. You know, learn the plays. So it was a huge change from high school to college but you know I'm starting to get it down now."

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