Clemson DC Brent Venables: 'So Many Things We Have To Get Better At'


Some might call Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables a perfectionist. 

The top-ranked Tigers might be coming off of the program's first shutout since 2016, but Venables' attention is already turned towards what lies ahead instead of looking back on what has already been accomplished.

With six consecutive games against ACC competition on the horizon, the Tigers defensive coordinator plans to use the off-week to start getting his players ready for what should be one of the more challenging stretches of the season. 

"I believe after our bye week we've got six straight ACC games, against some really good, explosive, athletic players and teams," Venables said after Saturday's win. "So it's going to be a big challenge but we're working on it. We've got to get better. Just developing our techniques and just looking back at the weight gains. There's so many things that we've got to get better at so really, going to be a great week of of fundamental development."

The Tigers still have some key pieces on defense that have yet to play a game. Venables is hopeful that they can use the extra time to get players like Justin Foster and Mario Goodrich back into the fold before the Virginia Cavaliers come to town on October 3.

"Of course we'll get good on good work, and just trying to improve daily through our bye week, getting our team healthy" Venables said. "A few guys banged up that we're hoping to get back. And just maturing, you know how we handle the bye week is an opportunity to show me some maturity, some toughness to get after it, and to get better."

Two games into the season, Venables is pleased with where his group is at currently. At the same time, he also knows what it takes to win at the highest level and what the Tigers have coming up.

"So, you know, really pleased," Venables said. "Again, just with the commitment and the mindset that shows maturity, how we approach today regardless of the opponent. A lot to look forward to, it's exciting. We've got a tough schedule here, moving forward."

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No. 1-1

You secondary is not ready from what you put on the field against below average ACC talent and Southen Conference talent. Miami will burn you at this point just with their tight end play and shiffty QB versatility.. The second and third team are no where close to 1st team play, never have seen that much separation. Cant substitute freely yet. I agree with you a lot of work is needed before you face the heart of the season and then after. Get ready to get it on these next two weeks.