Clemson's Matt Bockhorst Details 'Bizarre' trip to Florida State

Matt Bockhorst details unique weekend in Tallahassee, slams outsiders for questioning legitimacy of Clemson's ACC Protocols
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Clemson's visit to Tallahassee on Saturday was already shaping up to be unlike any other. With a last-minute cancellation--despite both teams being cleared to compete--it still lived up to the theme of college football in 2020. 

Offensive guard Matt Bockhorst echoed some of the same sentiments of his head coach Dabo Swinney when asked what his response was when he learned Tigers would not get to play the Seminoles Saturday as scheduled. 

"I was sitting in the tent, about to eat breakfast. Myself and (Blake) Vinson got there pretty early and we were just waiting around. Breakfast didn't start on time so that was probably my first indication that something was up," he said. 

Swinney and Danny Poole soon thereafter came and informed the team the game would not be played on Saturday and there was nothing that could be done at that point. 

"It was certainly a bizarre experience I don't know that I would have ever guessed that we could go through something like that," Bockhorst said. "Obviously this year has created some extenuating circumstances but definitely a weird experience." 

Bockhorst said it is frustrating that it happened but that he remains confident and comfortable with Clemson and the ACC's protocols. He added that talks of the Tigers being careless about allowing the player in question to travel with the team on Friday--before they knew of his positive test. 

"I don't think it is necessarily an attack on me or the players per se. However, it is frustrating for me because I feel like they are questioning the credibility of Danny Poole and our medical staff and all of the people in our facility that make sure we are following these protocols," Bockhorst said. "To suggest that we're fast and lose or that we're just kind of nonchalant about it, it's just not true and baseless. Deep down you have to be convicted in yourself and know that what your doing is the right thing."