Greg McElroy Questions Why Dabo Swinney Would 'Chase' NFL Job


Hearing Dabo Swinney's name mentioned as a potential candidate for NFL openings has become a fairly common occurrence. 

Despite never having shown any real interest in moving up the ladder to the professional ranks, the longtime Clemson head coach's name is a popular one whenever there's a new coaching vacancy in the NFL, and his was one of the first ones mentioned when the Houston Texans fired Bill 'O Brien two weeks ago.

With former Tiger Deshaun Watson now the starting quarterback of the Texans, Swinney was the perfect fit for the job in the eyes of some. However, ESPN analyst Greg McElroy sees things a little differently and on a recent appearance on ESPN Radio, questioned why Swinney would even be interested in testing the NFL waters. 

"I don't see why someone in Dabo's shoes (would)," McElroy said. "When you're contending for a national championship every year, and you have a major advantage over everyone you step on the field with not named Alabama and Ohio State, based on personnel, why he would go chase a job where you could potentially be out of work within three years." 

Swinney is currently one the highest-paid coaches in the country, and as McElroy points out, very few coaches in the NFL are paid as well as the Tigers head coach. The ESPN analyst was also quick to mention that job security is currently something Swinney will likely never have to worry about. 

"There's a real reluctance to NFL owners paying coaches $10 million or more," McElroy said. "Dabo Swinney right now at Clemson is making $9.3 (million) per year over the next 10 years and that is likely to increase on an annual basis. Dabo frankly has a lifetime contract at Clemson."

McElroy thinks Swinney is far more suited for the college game and says the fact that he has never been a coordinator is something else that would not be looked upon kindly by NFL organizations.

"Here's another thing, Dabo Swinney has never been a coordinator," McElroy said. "Dabo Swinney is a culture creator. Like he creates a culture around his program and has done so beautifully at Clemson."

The Tigers are one of the top college football programs in the country at the moment. They're recruiting as well as anyone in the country and McElroy says Swinney couldn't have it any better than he does at Clemson. 

"Dabo Swinney has it made in the shade right now, man," McElroy said. "He has built a brand new facility. He can recruit anyone he wants to college football. He's become a destination for quarterbacks, given the fact that the Deshaun Watson was there and now Trevor Lawrence, who, both of which are first-round picks."

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