Mike Norvell Says Florida State Was Ready to Play Clemson


An unusual 2020 college football season took an even stranger turn on Saturday morning. 

Just hours before fourth-ranked Clemson's scheduled noon kickoff against Florida State in Tallahassee, it was announced the game had been postponed.

Despite the fact that all safety protocols in place were followed and with the ACC reportedly signing off on the game being played, Florida State still wasn't comfortable playing the game. 

Seminoles first-year head coach Mike Norvell appeared on ESPN's "College GameDay" on Saturday morning and tried to offer up some justification on why the contest was postponed, saying that his team was ready to play but the decision wasn't his to make.  

"We're we're all about building the trust and the understanding to keep our players safe," Norvell said. "I can tell you that we woke up this morning ready to play this game. When I was asked, that's what I expressed to our advisors. We were ready to play the game. They went through the proper procedures and protocols that we have and then the decision was made to postpone it."

Multiple reports suggest it was discovered that after the team arrived in Tallahassee that one Clemson player had tested positive for Covid. However, all safety guidelines and protocols put in place were followed by the team and the ACC was comfortable with moving forward with the game. 

Despite all that, Florida State officials claim they just were not comfortable playing the game and felt it in their best interest to postpone to a later date. 

"There was discussion last night about results from the test that was had yesterday," Norvell said. "I know the medical advisors were able to go back and forth with that and and I can tell you that you within our program, throughout this whole season, I mean there's been a strict policy and procedure in place. We've had players and coaches that have missed games due to even just showing symptoms, who at later dates came back with the negative test."