Elliott Says Lawrence Makes Everyone Better


In his third season as the quarterback at Clemson, Trevor Lawrence is off to the kind of start that can win the Heisman Trophy. 

He is completing 73 percent of his passes, has thrown 15 touchdowns in just five games, and is averaging more than 300 yards per game. Offensive coordinator Tony Elliott says Lawrence's improvement in the pocket is a big part of why he is playing at such a high level.  

"He's playing really good football," Elliott said. "I think the biggest thing for him, where we see it from a coaching perspective, is just his discipline in the pocket. You know he's doing a good job of not moving too much in the pocket. He's managing the game the way it needs to be managed."

Elliott says Lawrence has the kind of work ethic that resonates with the rest of the team and his willingness to keep improving his own game makes everyone around him better. 

"Being around Trevor, I think everybody elevates the level of play because they understand how hard he works," Elliott said. "How committed he is, how unselfish he is. That he's not going to ask you to do anything that he's not willing to do, and he proves it every single day." 

According to Elliott, one of the things that stands out the most about his star quarterback is his unselfishness. He says Lawrence is never going to ask something of his teammates that he doesn't expect of himself and that is a part of what has helped him evolve into the leader that he is today. 

"When he has opportunity man, he shares the glory with his teammates," Elliott said. "He doesn't try to say that I did that by myself and I think that's what elevates the plays because you know that the guy that's leading you, he's setting the example."

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