Viral Social Media Youth Football Player Announces Commitment To Clemson

In a long list of schools he's "committed" to, Clemson becomes the next school who has received a pledge from a viral social media sensation.
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The Clemson Tigers are focused on securing commitments in the class of 2025.

Already ranked within the Top 5 according to two of the most prominent recruiting services, they have landed two of their top targets by way of talented cornerback Graceson Littleon and rising offensive lineman Rowan Byrne.

Like all elite programs across the country do, though, they aren't just focused on the immediate cycle.

Dabo Swinney and his coaching staff are handing out scholarships to top 2026 players across the country and will continue to build relationships from the top recruits with hopes they are future members of this program.

With official visits littered throughout the month of June, Clemson will try to secure a top recruiting class.

While that is going on, the talk of social media was them picking up a "commitment" from viral football sensation who is known as "Baby Gronk."

Real name Madden San Miguel, he has racked up over 500 thousand followers on Instagram after his dad began promoting him online. He has taken the internet by storm with his dominance on the youth football field.

At 11 years old, he is still a long way from truly being able to give his commitment to a college program as he's too young to even earn scholarships.

But that hasn't stopped the social media machine from rolling on.

The current thing Miguel's dad is doing is announcing which major program's across the country he is "committed" to.

Clemson was the latest one.

The "flip" they are referring to is following his "decommitment" from Ole Miss.

Over the last month, he's done the same for schools like Texas A&M, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Texas, USC, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

Again, this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

He's certainly a great player for his age at the youth level, but there have been tons of dominant players early on who aren't able to do the same things when they reach the higher levels of football.

That's not to say Miguel won't be a good player.

But, with social media continuing to be a prevalent part of society, "Baby Gronk" is the newest viral sensation on the internet who has racked up a following that brings attention to himself and whatever things he is associated with.

Right now that is Clemson.

Brad Wakai