Deion Sanders reveals the mission before start of 2024 football season

Coach Prime wants more support from the fanbase in the next three months
Deion Sanders Jr/ Well Off Media
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Deion Sanders wants the world to know he is working to enhance the reach of the program. The Colorado Buffaloes coach loaded up on a private jet Tuesday morning and called out for more support of Deion Sanders Jr and Well Off Media.

"Content, content, content... Make sure you subscribe to this channel because we're on a mission to get him a million subscribers before the season," Sanders said in the latest Well Off Media video. "We need a million subscribers and if you subscribe and get somebody else to subscribe we will eclipse that quickly."

Coach Prime wants all the support he can get, but he's willing to give back to those who come aboard for the best coverage of the Buffs. "If you do that and you prove to us that you've done that, we (are) going to give you a call," Sanders noted.

The climb for one million comes after Oregon coach Dan Lanning accused Colorado of "playing for clicks" and weren't serious about winning. Those words were echoed by former Buffs defensive back Cormani McClain, who repeated the phrase after he entered the transfer portal and before committing to Florida. However, none of that bothers Coach Prime who recently pointed out there was no attention for the Ducks after CU left Eugene, and Lanning picked his shot while ESPN was there to record it.

Sanders took a quick flight to Los Angeles to join Nick Saban for another Aflac corporate event. He also paid a visit to Snoop Dogg who was floating around the studio with Bucky taking in the atmosphere with his father and the rap legend. Even though it wasn't featured on the latest video, Coach Prime was likely laying down another track with Snoop.

Josh Tolle