Deion Sanders responds to Dan Lanning's "play for clicks" comment

Buffaloes coach turns the tables on an ugly moment from last year
Sep 23, 2023; Eugene, Oregon, USA; Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning (left) and Colorado Buffaloes
Sep 23, 2023; Eugene, Oregon, USA; Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning (left) and Colorado Buffaloes / Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
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The Colorado Buffaloes got all the hype and attention last year with Deion Sanders coming to Boulder. However, there was one moment that sent the hype train off-the-rails and caused controversy. Oregon coach Dan Lanning gathered his players in the locker room and had ESPN's cameras rolling when he slammed Coach Prime and the Buffs. 

 “They’re playing for clicks, we’re playing for wins," Lanning noted. 

Colorado found out quickly Oregon stood on business with a 42-6 victory to open Pac-12 play. Sanders didn't say anything about Lanning's hit piece, until now. The Ducks won the game and Prime shared his perspective of that moment in Eugene, nine months later, on a recent episode of the Full Send podcast

“It’s funny how you say that, but the camera was on when you say that,” Sanders said about Lanning. “So who is playing for the click?”

Sanders went on to say there wasn't much noise coming from the Ducks locker room after Lanning's impromptu speech. Former Buffs player Cormani McClain even used the famed quote after exiting Boulder last month. But it seems Prime might get the final word on this one.

“Did you hear any other speech that he made during the whole season,” Sanders said. “Who is playing for the click? This is what I really do. In high school, you can date it back on YouTube or whatever, this is what I do with my team, this is who we are. It’s not playing for something or playing for a click, why would I need exposure?”

Colorado finished with a four-win season after constructing a melting pot roster. They'll do it all over again in Coach Prime's second year with the Buffs. As for Oregon, a round of stiffer competition awaits them in the Big Ten this year. We'll see how powerful the Ducks can be and if they can gather more "clicks" in 2024. 

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