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CU Buffs AD Rick George believes it's time for one voice in college football

On a media conference call, athletic director Rick George said he wants to get college football on the same page nationally.

All sports in the Pac-12 conference have been postponed through the calendar year of 2020. 

Tuesday was a tough day for coaches, administrators, players and fans. 

CU athletic director Rick George had to break the news to his coaches and athletes. 

"Incredibly disappointed for our student-athletes who won't be able to participate this fall, George said. "As I've said from day one, we've had medical advice along the way to help guide our decisions. And the first priority is that we look at the health and safety of the student-athlete. It was a difficult decision but it was the right decision." 

George emphasized how much he trusts the medical advisory group that was helping guide the administrators through difficult decisions over the summer. 

"In my opinion, we have the best medical advisory group in the country," George said. "And I can say that unequivocally because I think they've given us great guidance and great direction since this pandemic hit."

Three Power 5 conferences (Big 12, SEC, ACC) announced they will continue with a fall football season on the same day the other two (Big Ten and Pac-12) announced they will be postponing their season.

A unified decision between all five conferences would have been the method most people would have preferred and George wants to see the conferences working together more in the future. 

"We got to get football together, nationally, where we're speaking from one voice and we have one direction and we don't have that," George said. "And not being critical of anybody, just telling you that we need to do that."

He pointed to college basketball and how they have a leader within the NCAA that helps with decision making. There isn't anybody for that role when it comes to college football. 

"These are just my personal opinions," George clarified. "I don't know if my peers share the same thing but I certainly think that this would be a time for us to figure out one voice for college football."

The different medical advisory groups are one reason all of the conferences have become so divided in their decision making. For instance, the Pac-12 and the Big Ten had doctors advising them about the COVID-19 side effects and how they can make an impact long-term. 

George recently became one of thirteen members on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, a group that selects the top teams in the country but could become key decision-makers down the road.