Watch: CD6 CU regent candidate Richard Murray discuss the importance of supporting athletics

Chase Howell

The University of Colorado regent race is something lots of Colorado Buffaloes fans will be keeping their eye on.

They impact athletics in an indirect manner but they do vote on all of the contracts for coaches inside the athletic department and the voting on football coaching contracts is something that has been widely talked about. 

That's because there hasn't been a unanimous vote since Mike MacIntyre's extension in 2017. And even that was only unanimous because Linda Shoemaker stepped out of the room. Shoemaker has since voted no on every football contract.

For a special edition of the CU Buffs Country podcast, Vinay Simlot and Chase Howell interviewed congressional district 6 regent candidate Richard Murray.

Murray is running on a pro-athletics platform and understands the importance of supporting athletics as a regent. 

"One of the biggest hurdles I see right now is the no votes," Murray said. "I think it makes it extremely difficult for an athletic director like Rick George, he does a phenomenal job, who needs to go out onto the national market and find a coach when we're competing with conferences and schools that have a lot of money. So having the Board of Regents fully on board. I think will assist in that. It takes away that hurdle."

But Murray wanted to run for regent for more reasons than just supporting the athletic department. As a double Buff, CU is near and dear to his heart. 

"The contacts I made, it opened doors for me," Murray said of his time at Colorado. "And so when the opportunity arose here in Congressional District 6 with an open seat, I thought, now is the best time to throw my name in the ring and try to make a difference and try to pay it forward to my alma mater. "

Murray is running in the Republican primary against Priscilla Rahn. If he wins that, he will have a Democratic challenger in the November election.

Watch the full interview by clicking on the video below or listen to the podcast on all of your favorite podcast platforms. 

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