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Shenault's ready "to do big things" during rookie season with Jaguars

Laviska Shenault Jr. met with the media for the first time during training camp and talked about his comfortability with the team.

Laviska Shenault Jr. has started his first training camp in the NFL. 

With no CU Buffs football in the fall, Buffs fans will have to turn their eyes to the forever Buffs in the NFL. And no Buff will have a bigger spotlight on him than Shenault. 

He's trying not to put a whole lot of pressure on himself.

"To do big things of course," Shenault responded when asked what his expectations are. "Do things that rookies didn’t do. I’m trying to do all types of things; I don’t really have a certain thing I want to do. But I mean, make the Pro Bowl or be the Rookie of the Year. Like I mean, that stuff is already [written]. I don’t need to make that my expectations, it should already be known. My biggest thing is just gaining respect from Duval County and my teammates.”

He has already started to bond with his new teammates. He's been learning the ropes from fellow receiver D.J. Chark.

“A lot, a lot, we talk all the time," Shenault said when asked what he's learned so far from Chark. "Any little tips or any little thing that I fail to do on the field, he’s helping me out. Like I said, he’s not the only one helping out, you’ve got everybody helping out. It’s a team so far, it’s a good team so far.”

And he's been building some chemistry with quarterback Gardnew Minshew who has said some very complimentary things about Shenault throughout the week. 

“We’re slowly building it. I mean, getting a connection with your quarterback don’t come quick," Shenault said about his chemistry with Minshew. "So, it’s a work in progress and I like it so far."

Shenault has been praised by media members for his build and pass-catching ability during camp so far. 

He just wants to keep up that dog mentality. 

"From the get-go, it’s a dog’s mindset that you have to go into every day," Shenault said. "I’m just trying to work, that’s the mindset: just work, work, work.”