Podcast: Twitter beef and getting buff

Chase Howell

The boys were back for another edition of the CU BuffsCountry podcast this past week. 

The podcast was recorded on Thursday, the evening after Chase Howell had a run-in with some CU Buffs fans over a tweet by head of football strength and conditioning Drew Wilson. 

Howell made his case clear that he doesn't believe they should be working out in groups without standardized testing and they are putting college athletes in jeopardy. 

For more on his side of the story listen to the podcast. As well as a rebuttal from Vinay Simlot. 

Howell, Simlot and Adam Chalifoux also discuss the press conference from this past week with Derrion Rakestraw and Brady Russell and what some of the takeaways were. 

There's is a lot of talk of Karl Dorrell and the word "transparency" which seems to be the biggest difference so far between him and Mel Tucker.

It had been a while since we conducted America's favorite segment, the Clown College Scholarship of the Week.

So it was about time we brought it out again. There was lots of discussion for possible nominations and there had been a lot of dumb things tweeted/said over the past couple of weeks. 

Simlot settled on a nudist beach. While Howell nominated Phil Fulmer for saying Tennessee was planning on having games at full capacity this season.

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Or just click play below.

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Quierra Luck
Quierra Luck

Great podcast, guys!!!



Chase Howell