What Number will Laviska Shenault Don for the Jaguars?

Chase Howell

One of the fun things about the weeks after the NFL Draft is the jersey numbers start to get released. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced the jersey numbers on Wednesday for all of the players they drafted over the weekend. 

The NFL rules permit wide receivers to only wear numbers 10-19 or 80-89 so it was already understood Laviska Shenaults nickname, '2Live', would not last in the NFL after wearing No. 2 for the Colorado Buffaloes his last two seasons. 

But how does 10live sound? Shenault will be wearing the No. 10 for the Jaguars.

If you have been interested in buying Shenault's jersey, now you know what number to order. 

No. 10 is a famous number in the sport of soccer, usually given to the top scorer or playmaker. Some of the best players ever have donned the No. 10 including Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Johann Cruyff and Pele. 

The laundry list of famous No. 10s in the NFL isn't quite as prevalent. It has mostly been famous quarterbacks such as Fran Tarkenton, Eli Manning, Jim Zorn and Steve Bartkowski. 

A couple of famous wide receivers include Desean Jackson, Santonio Holmes and Emannuel Sanders when he was with the Denver Broncos. 

Shenault will get to write his own legacy when donning the No. 10. 

An unfortunate note about No. 10 as it relates to Shenault is he was 10 years old when his father tragically passed away. So he will be also honoring his father as he dons that number.