Deion Sanders shares emotional story on Children's Hospital visit

Coach Prime uses foot amputation as source of motivation for kids with cancer
Deion Sanders takes a visit to Children's Hospital in Denver
Deion Sanders takes a visit to Children's Hospital in Denver /
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Deion Sanders is all too familiar with hospital stays. The Colorado Buffaloes coach has faced significant health challenges, including the amputation of two toes resulting from a condition that impairs blood circulation to his feet. This personal experience has given him a unique perspective on suffering with pain and allows him to have an empathetic voice for others dealing with health problems.

Sanders recently used his experiences to inspire children during a visit to a Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado, as part of a partnership with Aflac. His speech was a testament to his resilience and his commitment to offering hope to those in difficult circumstances.

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"Until I found myself on my back in the hospital for darn near a month, dealing with blood clots, I really didn't understand the other side of this," Sanders said. "So, I've sat in your seats, I've been there on that journey... the one commonality that we need is hope that tomorrow is going to be better."

The visit highlights Sanders’ ability to connect with and inspire others. His message of hope and resilience resonated deeply with the children, who are also facing significant health challenges. Sanders' own journey through illness and recovery has been a testament to his strength and determination. Although he acknowledges that his health is a daily battle, he remains optimistic and focused on getting better.

"I'm happy and elated to be here to inspire you, to give you the hope and the presence you need to go on to the next day," Sanders said. "Because you're going to win this battle, you're going to win this fight, because you got it in you, you've got a wonderful team around you, because that's that we need, a wonderful team around us to help us do the things we deserve to do."

Balancing his health with his demanding role as a Buffaloes head coach is no easy feat, but Sanders has never shied away from a challenge. His ability to stay motivated and his unwavering spirit serve as a powerful example to the children he visited, showing them that perseverance and hope can help overcome even the toughest obstacles.

Josh Tolle