CU Buffs Pursuing a Punter from the Pacific Coast

Chase Howell

Ashton Logan is one of the top punters in the nation for the 2021 class. And despite taking a punter in the 2021 class, the Colorado Buffaloes have been actively pursuing him. 

"They’ve told me they need a punter," Logan said. "As far as their team, they have a punter that just came in but he only has two years of eligibility left. So they need a punter."

Josh Watts is the punter that enrolled in January after five-year starter Alex Kinney graduated but he is on the older side and only has two years left of eligibility. The Buffs want to be prepared for the long haul at that position. 

Logan has been hearing from lots of schools but Colorado is one of the ones he hears from the most. 

“So some of the main schools, the ones I've actually had calls with are Yale, I had a call with West Virginia, I had a call with the head coach from UC Davis, talked to the head coach from Colorado and their special teams coach, talked to Air Force," Logan said. "And I have had a lot of other interests as well ranging from other schools like Penn, Minnesota, Liberty, Michigan State, UCLA and so on.”

Logan believes that he will be offered scholarships at some of the schools. At Colorado it might be more likely they bring him as a walk-on for at least one season and then once Watts leaves they can put him on scholarship. 

Head coach Karl Dorrell and special teams quality control coach Chris Reinert have been doing most of the recruiting and they have a clear message for the punter.

"As far as their actual college message, they're a team that has the desire to win. New program, new coaching staff, and when I talk to coach Darrell and Reiner, they both during the call they had the same exact message, ‘We want to win, we want to practice like we're gonna win, and we want to be ready for game time."

It is no secret punts at elevation fly a further than sea level. Is that an enticing part of attending Colorado for Logan?

"Yes, that is enticing," Logan said. "I’m here in California so I’m right off the beach. So it’d be nice to have that elevation."

But he said it's more in the back of his mind rather than one of the key components of his decision. Logan has a long list of things he's looking for in a school. 

"So for me I’m looking for a really good school, good program. I want to win," Logan said. "The league that we’re in, whether it’s Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten, I want to get a championship. So I want to win, I have a desire to win. But as far as what I’m looking for other than winning, I think it really comes down to brotherhood."

He also prioritizes academics and loves what Colorado has to offer there. 

"Great academics from what I've looked into," Logan said about what he knows about CU. "They have a nice psychology program, which was the major I'd probably choose to study in. They have a great program, I love the weight room, I know it’s just newly designed… It's a very nice place. I have a couple close friends that live there and call it beautiful. And the stadium's lovely."

Logan can punt, kick, kickoff and hold but punting is what he's most passionate about. He says the thing that separates him the most is his directional punting and hang time. He's often gotten clocked at over five seconds of hang time in some of his punts.

“First off my directional timing ability," Logan said. "I feel like I'm really good at that and really good at making the returners guess where I'm playing the ball outside the numbers. I'm very consistent with what I do. I don't screw up, I don't have a shank.”