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Arden Walker is preparing to dominate his senior season

Arden Walker has quietly become one of the top players in Colorado and he may be coming close to a decision.

Arden Walker does not have the hype around him, he’s not one that enjoys the praise or wants any of the accolades.

He is quietly one of the best players in the state and he quietly goes about his business.

His business this summer has been working training with Denver Broncos.

Walker’s father, Arthur, was an All-Conference defensive lineman for the Colorado Buffaloes in 1989 and now he’s training some of the top pass rushers on the Broncos. And Arden works with them every single day.

“It’s definitely just been a blessing,” Walker said. “I’ve learned work ethic wise what the drive is to be an NFL player and how bad they really want to get better. And it feels neat, them taking me under their wing and just showing me the way and the ins and outs of things.”

The 6-foot-4, 250-pounder has been training with the likes of Bradley Chubb, DeMarcus Walker, Malik Reed and Justin Hollins this summer.

“I’d definitely say my pass rushing, in terms of my IQ and everything,” Walker said about what he’s improved on during the offseason. “There are a plethora of moves that I have (now). I really want to be able to put them to the test.”

Walker’s natural ability has always been obvious, he’s one of the more explosive players in the state but now he’s added the intuitive side of the game and just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. Has training with the big boys helped him realize that he, too, could play in the NFL one day?

“I have the tools and the ability to get there if I really apply myself and strive,” Walker said about comparing himself to his training partners. “Which that's really definitely my work ethic now, that's where I'm trying to go.”

On the recruiting front, Walker has racked up 19 offers and 16 of them are from Power 5 programs.

“I am definitely talking to Colorado, UCLA, Missouri and Texas,” Walker said on who he hears from the most. “Those are mostly who I’ve been talking to.”

With Colorado, he’s been building a relationship with outside linebackers coach Brian Michalowski for over a year now and he has a blossoming relationship with defensive line coach Chris Wilson.

“Coach Wilson, he definitely has that NFL background and knowledge,” Walker said. “And he has shared some of that knowledge with me. He has basically just been honest with me about my play and where he kind of sees me fitting into their defense. I’ve been more seen as kind of a hybrid because I have the ability to stand up and stuff as well.”

Although he plays mostly with a hand in the ground at Creek, Michalowski has liked him for awhile at outside linebacker. But it sounds like CU wants to utilize him all across the line, which includes standing up in some packages.

“If I were to go there, (Michalowski and Wilson) would basically be sharing time because there is so much I can do and they want to maximize that,” Walker said.

Walker said he plans to make a decision in September or October and will not be releasing finalists or anything like that.