Jeremy Roach on Duke's Win Streak: We're Just Tired of Losing

Freshman guard helps lead Blue Devils past Syracuse
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Duke’s freshmen all seem to be blossoming at the same time, and point guard Jeremy Roach is the latest to heat up.

After hitting just 14 of 57 from three for a .246 percentage through his first 17 college games, Roach has hit 6-of-10 in the last two games. He’s also scored 26 points, after averaging 8.8 ppg up until that point.

Roach hit his first four three-point attempts against Syracuse, scoring 14 points. He added five rebounds and seven assists, which were both season highs for him.

“It started on the defensive end,” he said. “That kind of got us going on the offensive end. Really, these last four wins that we had, it all started on the defensive end, and that’s what got our offense going. The emphasis on the zone was really to not stand it up, attack it, and be aggressive. We got a couple of early stops so that kind of got our offense going. We saw the ball go in so we got into a quick rhythm early in the game, and we just kept it going throughout the game.”

The win was the latest in a four-game winning streak for the Blue Devils to help turn around a tough start to the season.

“We’re just tired of losing,” Roach said. “It’s real simple – just getting tired of losing. And digging down on defense, that’s really been the key for us. These last four games, we’ve just been dialed in on defense, locked in on the scouting report and our matchups and our personnel. That’s been the biggest thing throughout this run.”