Tre Jones: Haven't Gotten Any Feedback From NBA Yet


Tre Jones made his decision to declare for the NBA Draft before he heard back from the NBA advisory board.

“I haven’t got any feedback yet,” he said. “I think this decision was made just based on … it was the best decision for myself at this point. I came back to Duke to one: get healthy and get back to 100% for my health and my body, but also to come back and try to compete for a national championship. With what’s going on, that got cut short. Just trying to think about what’s next, I felt like at this point, I was ready to take the next step.”

Jones played two seasons for coach Mike Krzyzewski, but there isn’t one moment that stands out above the others—he’ll just remember the entire experience. “I don’t think there’s really one story that I could take from the two years with him. I think it’s just how competitive he was, how he wanted to get better every single day. He never took any days off. He spent so much time around the game, and he shows how much he dedicated and how much it pays off by being that dedicated and that bought in to the game of basketball. My takeaway is just completely being all in on whatever you’re doing because at the age he’s at and what he’s accomplished there and just in the basketball world, he could easily come in every day, be relaxed, not care as much anymore, but he seemed to have more fire every single day and more fire in year two than he even did in my first year. I think that was my biggest takeaway.”