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Mike Norvell Apologizes After Being Refuted by Marvin Wilson: Reaction

Crisis averted, as cooler heads, maturity, and leadership prevail.

Admit it: when you saw that the Seminole star Marvin Wilson had refuted a statement from head coach Mike Norvell and threatened a player strike, you thought it was going to be an enduring mess for Florida State football, didn't you? It was going to drag on endlessly and result in national embarrassment for the program. Right?

In the middle of the night, it rather looked like events were building to that end. But then something happened. And it's called leadership. 

Players and coaches met (never a bad start), and positive tweets about unity and moving forward ensued. Wilson issued a video statement that showed incredible perspective, keeping the playing field sidelined-- right where it belongs in times like these (check out our reaction to his video).

And most recently, Norvell tweeted a straight-forward apology. He didn't make any excuses. He didn't blame the press or claim that he was taken out of context. And he didn't generalize by offering some sort of blanket mea culpa. 

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As you can read below, Norvell explains the situation in a clear manner and is specific in his apology, right down to the word. 

So here we are. On the same day that what looked like a sure-fire controversy began, it appears over. And not just that, this really appears to have been handled excellently by all sides. The head coach made a mistake-- and a team captain did his job of leading by calling him out. Norvell showed leadership himself by demonstrating humility and contrition. This could really serve as an experience that galvanizes this team; perhaps it already has-- consider the below tweets from players.