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List of Georgia Seniors to be Recognized During Georgia Tech Game

A full list of the seniors for Georgia that will be recognized prior to their game against Georgia Tech.

With it being Georgia's final home game of the season against Georgia Tech, it also means that seniors will be recognized prior to kickoff. Every single one of these veteran players has experienced a historical run at Georgia and played a role in the Bulldogs ending its national championship drought a season ago. 

Each and every one of these players has played a role in helping Georgia get to the position that they currently reside in today. They have all been a part of multiple division titles and in a little over a week, they will have the opportunity to add an SEC title to the trophy case as well.  

Going into the final week of the regular season, these players also have the chance to add another national title to their list of accolades and the potential to become the first team to win back-to-back titles in college football playoff history. It has been a historic run for this group of players and they still have the chance to continue to build on their legacy before they finally make their last departure from the team. 

As for this weekend, they will duke it out for potentially their last time between the hedges in hopes of earning one more victory in front of their home fans and against a school rival, Georgia Tech. A win on Saturday would make them the winningest class in program history. 

Here are the players that will be recognized during tomorrow's game: 

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  • Nolan Smith, OLB
  • Kenny McIntosh, RB
  • Dominick Blaylock, WR
  • Kearis Jackson, WR
  • Stetson Bennett, QB 
  • Nathan Priestley, WR
  • Christopher Smith, DB
  • Robert Beal, OLB
  • Randon Jernigan, WR
  • Bill Norton, DL
  • Payton Bowles, DB
  • Payne Walker, Snapper
  • Joseph Daniels, DB
  • Warren Ericson, OL
  • William Mote, Snapper
  • Warren McClendon, OL
  • Xavier Truss, OL
  • Brett Seither, TE
  • Ryland Goede, TE
  • Tramel Walthour, DL
  • Jack Podlesny, K
  • Matthew Sumlin, K

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