ESPN Overreacts, Says UGA Has a QB Controversy

ESPN lead college football writer, Mark Schlabach has released his weekly overreactions article and says that UGA has a quarterback controversy.
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Overreactions are something every fan base goes through on Sundays following a big win or loss by their favorite program. Typically these overreactions are irrationally passionate opinions about something that is overblown. 

Those overreactions aren't exclusive to fan bases either, oftentimes media narratives derive from an overreaction from a Saturday game. 

ESPN's Mark Schlabach releases an article every week with his overreactions from the previous weekend's slate of games and boy did he have a doozy this week. Saying that Georgia could potentially have a quarterback controversy on their hands following the 56 to 7 drumming of the UAB Blazers. 

In Daniels' absence, former walk-on Stetson Bennett had a record-setting day against the Blazers, throwing five touchdowns in the first half. He is clearly Georgia's No. 2 quarterback, but Daniels' injury would probably have to linger, or he would have to struggle mightily in his return, for Bennett to reclaim the starting job. Bennett played well at times last season, but faltered in losses against Alabama and Florida. In his defense, he was dealing with injuries in both games, but the backlash on social media was so bad Bennett ditched his iPhone. He might be the only student on the UGA campus using a flip phone.

To Schlabach's credit, this "hot take" or "overreaction" that Stetson Bennett could push JT Daniels for his starting job is not foreign to the fanbase of the Georgia Bulldogs. He's not the first person to think it could be possible, he's just the first person to outwardly say it. 

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