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Scouting Notebook: What We Learned About UGAs Future at All-American Bowl

The week of practice here at the Adidas All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas is all but in the books. I unload the scouting notebook on all of the Georgia commits and targets here.

SI All-American has spent the week in San Antonio, Texas evaluating some of the Nation's premier prospects in the 2022 recruiting cycle compete in practice settings leading up to the Adidas All-American game on Saturday at 1 PM EST.

We've conducted interviews, watched practices, cut film, spoken to coaches, taken the notes, etc.

It's time for us to empty the notebook. These are my thoughts and observations. 

Gunner Stockton, QB

Feet set, pocket clean, vision clear, I don't think there's a more accurate quarterback in the 2022 recruiting cycle. He throws with touch, has an immense amount of horsepower from all angles, and having seen him throughout high school, his best setting is an actual game setting. Not routes on air. 

Though there's been a constant theme around Stockton at events like this one that stands out most about Stockton. Just watching how much other players gravitate towards him. Seems as if he's everyone's quarterback, not just Georgia's quarterback. 


Mykel Williams, EDGE

Likely our overall top performer from this week's practice sessions, Mykel Williams put on a defensive line display this week in San Antonio. He's a product of pass-rush specialist Chuck Smith in Atlanta, Georgia and it's evident that Williams has not only retained the information and knowledge, he knows how to convey it. Williams would flip roles from star pass-rush specialist to pass-rush coaching guru in between reps. Retaining information is important in football, being able to relay that information is the difference between really good and elite.  

Oscar Delp, TE

Delp is one of those athletes that looks like he's coasting through just about everything he does, just makes it look so easy and smooth. And to do such a thing at 6'5, 225 pounds is beyond impressive, it's what has drawn comparisons to current Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. Delp was the only tight end this week for the East squad, he took every rep, didn't complain, and dominated the 1on1 portion of practices despite straining through some hamstring tightness. 

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Marvin Jones Jr., EDGE

In my opinion, of all the current and future Bulldogs in attendance this week, it's Marvin Jones Jr. who has the highest ceiling of them all. At 6'6, 240 pounds he's uncommonly athletic. There is however some development needed in the hand fighting department, there was a glaring difference between a player like Mykel William's development in the pass rush weaponry department than that of Jones Jr. The important thing that I learned this week is that he has a hunger to acquire the knowledge and skill though. 

Griffin Scroggs, OL

The only true center here in San Antonio, Scroggs hasn't gotten much of a breather this week. Every offense line needs a glue guy, and you'd prefer it to be your center, Griffin Scroggs is the glue guy. Georgia's lineup has long been cracked by offensive linemen that weren't projected to do so. Solomon Kindley wasn't expected to play in 43 games, but he did. Warren Ericson wasn't ever projected to be a multi-year starter, but he will be. Scroggs has similar intangibles on the interior and confirmed as much this week. 


Julian Humphrey, DB

There's something to be said for skill position players that know stardom is on the precipice. It's clear to me that Julian Humphrey is one of those young men. He's a ball of energy at practice and he's willing to compete. He's been dealing with a bit of a hip flexor issue this week and has fought through the discomfort, making several big plays during 1on1s and 7on7s. 

Jordan James, RB

Jordan James was a player I was interested to see, and boy was I glad I got the chance to. I don't think there's any one portion of Jordan James' game that registers as "elite." He's not the fastest back here, certainly not the biggest, but he just might be the most well-rounded and there's tremendous value in that. He's comfortable out of the backfield, he's got clear vision with the ball, and he's got surprisingly natural hands and the route-running ability for a running back. 

I'm honest enough to admit I missed on James initially. 


Christen Miller, DL 

We didn't get to see Christen Miller practice this week after having been injured during the state title win for Cedar Grove high school, but you can't help but still be drawn to him at these events. He was actively involved, coaching his teammates up through drills, helping with calls, entertaining during down times. He's pushed his decision back until February, and after having seen what he put on tape this season, he's got an extremely bright future. 

Earnest Greene Jr. , OL

Greene didn't lose many reps this week during practice settings, something that certainly went noticed as he was noted as a Top Performer following Tuesday's joint practice between the West and East. However, on Thursday, when he finally was beaten on the rep, Greene requested his teammate DJ Wesolak — Missouri linebacker commit — stick around and give him extra looks. Greene will commit at the game Saturday.