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Adidas All-American Bowl: Top-Performing OL and DL on Day 2

Eight prospects wreaked havoc during offensive and defensive line one-on-ones on day two of Adidas All-American Bowl practices.

SAN ANTONIO -- The second day of practice at the Adidas All-American Bowl is in the books. After each team practiced individually earlier on Wednesday, the East and West squads ran a joint practice in the afternoon to put their skills to the test against their upcoming opposition in Saturday's bowl game. 

Sports Illustrated All-American was on-site for day two of practice and was able to analyze the entirety of offensive and defensive line one-on-one drills. Eight prospects specifically stood out throughout the workout, all of which you can find below.

Mykel Williams, DL (East)

Signed with Georgia

Mykel Williams can make beating offensive linemen as a pass rusher look effortless. He won with a spin move inside for a would-be sack where he simply bounced off the hands of his opposing offensive tackle, as well as a perfect delayed bull rush that set the offensive tackle up for failure before he made contact with the blocker's chest. Williams' ability to recognize his opponent's tendencies and hand-fighting skills are polished and stand above the rest at the All-American Bowl. Even at Georgia, Williams has a chance to make an early impact in college.

Earnest Greene, OL (West)


If you're looking for an offensive lineman who more than passes the eye test and backs his stature up with power thanks to heavy hands, Earnest Greene is your guy. He won with a mean initial punch working at offensive tackle, throwing his opponent into the dirt upon first contact on one rep in particular. Greene possesses immense lower body strength that helps him in recovery against the bull rush, seen specifically against lengthy edge rusher Dani Dennis-Sutton on a play where Greene got off to a slow start but finished by stone-walling his opponent from the left tackle position. So long as Greene continues to unlock his athleticism in his college strength and conditioning program of choice, he's got a bright future ahead of him, ideally at guard although he could play tackle in a pinch.

Quency Wiggins, DL (West)

Signed with LSU

One of the most intriguing players at the All-American Bowl due to his size alone, Quency Wiggins was one of the few linemen to look just as polished from the outside as he did along the interior. Wiggins left tackle Kiyaunta Goodwin in the dust on a counter rip-and-spin move in surprisingly quick fashion, showing off impressive balance as he dipped under Goodwin's inside shoulder after aligning on his outside shoulder pre-snap. Wiggins' burst out of his stance makes will benefit him at any position he plays, as he can pair explosion with balance against interior linemen and can win with speed from the outside. 

Elijah Pritchett, OL (East) 

Signed with Alabama

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Despite a lack of experience at the position, Elijah Pritchett has made the transition to guard during the All-American Bowl look rather seamless. He held firm against Chris McClellan on an outside rip move at right guard, and his high-profile movement skills seen at tackle in his high school tape were on display along the interior as well. Possessing an intimidating frame with a skill-set that seemingly works inside and out, Pritchett could be a plug-and-play offensive lineman at any position he's needed, perhaps other than center, once he's ready to take the field at Alabama.

Caden Story, DL (East)

Committed to Auburn

There was a lot to like about Auburn commitment Caden Story's performance on Wednesday against the East offensive line. Story worked inside and out throughout the workout but profiles more as a defensive end currently at his size. Story packs a punch upon his initial strike and maintains his balance well moving inside, seen specifically on a rip move that resulted in a would-be sack from the end spot, although he can improve his motor through the end of reps as he takes on power from the defensive tackle position. Story is a big winner from day two who made the most of his one-on-one reps.

Marvin Jones Jr., DL (East) 

Signed with Georgia

Although he took reps at three-technique and a defensive end, Marvin Jones Jr. is clearly an edge rusher at the next level with a great first step, solid bend and all-around athleticism for the position. His hand-moves could use some more power and polish, especially when he arm-bars, but when he locks his hands in his lineman's chest as he bull-rushes, Jones becomes a menace on the path to the quarterback. The Georgia signee did pull off a solid dip and rip move from the three-tech position to beat the opposing guard, but with his best fit in mind, he should have no issue using the same move and similar techniques off the edge. Add in Jones' size — approaching 6-foot-6 and in the 240-pound range — and you can't help but envision an NFL future.

Tegra Tshabola, OL (East)

Signed with Ohio State

After a less than stellar first day of practice, Tegra Tshabola bounced back strong on day two and took as many reps as he could to show coaches what he's got. Tshabola has an immensely powerful upper body that allowed him to toss numerous defenders around and into the grass at both tackle and guard. J'Mond Tapp at one point fell victim to Tshabola's mean streak on a failed spin move. Tshabola's footwork needs work which may lead Ohio State to play him along the interior, but with an imposing frame and the ability to absorb power only to use it against his challenger on an island, the potential to play tackle is there.

Chris McClellan, DL (West)

Signed with Florida

He isn't the most explosive defensive lineman in attendance, but Florida has to like what it has in McClellan as it rebuilds its defensive trenches from a power standpoint. McClellan can continue to polish his interior pass rush moves, but showed off a flashy rip move with solid burst off the edge in one rep and won another via swim from the interior off of the guard's outside shoulder. He's shown the ability to shock his blocker with a straight-forward punch and can build upon his strike to counter inside and out. McClellan isn't a finished product quite yet, although he possesses a fairly college-ready frame, but has the potential to become a disruptive three-technique in the SEC in due time.

SI All-American will have coverage of the All-Americans throughout the week, leading up to the game on Saturday, January 8.