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Jordan Davis Described as a "Menace" So Far During Eagles Training Camp

Jordan Davis has been impressing so far through the early stages of the Eagles' camp.

Two weeks ago, after just opening training camp, multiple veteran players on the Philadelphia Eagles spoke glowingly of rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis. From starting center Jason Kelce to fellow defensive lineman Javon Hargrave, each spoke about Davis's performance. 

“Some guys go out there for a walkthrough and they’re going through the motions and that’s wasting time. What’s going on here? Even when he’s a head-up shade in a walkthrough, he’s sinking his hips right, he’s using his hands right. His eyes are wide. Whenever you see a guy who’s got bug’s eyes, his senses are on alert right? He’s taking everything in. That tells me that he’s willing to grow and he’s trying to improve his craft. Those are the guys, when you combine that with the physical skillset he has, it’s very good to see. But obviously we’ve only been here for two days so we’ll see how that evolves.”

- Jason Kelce on what he's seen out of Jordan Davis

“I think he’s just really putting his head down and really just learning from everybody.”

- Javon Hargrave on Jordan Davis 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and "NFL Rookie Waconfirmsrming what two Eagle teammates saw early on. The tweet said that the former Georgia Bulldog "has been a menace so far."

Menace and Jordan Davis are two things that go together after turning on his college tape. On second thought, all one has to do is watch his performance at the NFL Combine or Georgia's Pro-Day; the 6-foot-6, 340-pounder moved just as well as anyone. Davis' 4.78 forty-yard dash time was faster than both current NFL quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield and Jameis Winston. 

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With a strong start to camp, Davis has a chance to earn starting snaps on the Philadelphia defensive line, which features a future NFL Hall of Famer in Fletcher Cox. 

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