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Freshman Report Card: Brock Bowers

How Does the Freshman Tight-End Grade Out at the Bye Week?

The bye week means that the midpoint of the college football season is upon us. Dawgs Daily brings you Freshman Report Cards for the youngest Dawgs in Athens. 

Brock Bowers thus far has had a stellar opening campaign for Georgia. After 7 games, Bowers leads the team in receiving yards, catches, and touchdowns. He's accumulated 416 yards on 25 receptions, 6 of which have ended in a touchdown. Those stats not only lead Georgia but the entirety of the SEC for tight-ends. He also has a 12-yard rushing touchdown to add to his receiving stats. 

Bowers has provided the spark to go alongside Georgia's running game. In a season that has been plagued by injuries, he has remained a constant piece to the Georgia Offense that's averaging 38 points per game this season. 

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. Despite the eye-raising stats that Bowers has accumulated through the season, there is still one major area he can improve upon. 

Run Blocking is Bowers' weak spot. As it should be considering it was not something that Bowers had to do all that much during his time on the preparatory level. The Napa Valley native is having to learn on the fly this year, and he's still very much a freshman in that regard. He's prone to miss blocks and assignments on run plays, and a couple of times that has bitten Georgia at important moments this season. 

One of those plays for instance was a missed assignment on 3rd and goal to put Kentucky away last week that resulted in a tackle for loss. Head coach Kirby Smart had a few words for the freshman on his way off the field. 

The overall report card for Bowers is set at a solid A-.

The end result is that Bowers is an amazing tight-end and has the opportunity to break multiple records at Georgia in his Freshman season. He still has 3 more years to impress scouts at the next level, but if he's able to follow up this season, he won't be needing all three of those. One thing is for certain, Georgia fans are going to remember the name Brock Bowers for many years. 

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Bowers is still a Freshman and will undoubtedly continue to improve as the season progresses, but there's little doubt that Georgia has one of the best tight ends in the nation... 

"My God, [he's] a Freshman."

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