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How Georgia's Offense Could be Even More Productive Next Season

Georgia's offense is coming off a year in which they averaged 37.4 points per game and in 2022 they could be even more productive.

While the talk of college football last season was the historic run Georgia's defense had on their way to delivering the first national title to Athens, Georgia in 41 years, their offense was no slouch either. 

The Bulldogs averaged 37.4 points which ranked eighth amongst all FBS teams. However, Georgia could — and should — be even more productive on offense this next season. 

The Bulldogs return 73% of their offensive production from last season. On top of that, they also gained tight end, Arik Gilbert, this offseason, who missed all of the 2021 season while dealing with personal things off the field according to Smart. Being able to return that much of your offense while also losing two running backs and two wide receivers since the conclusion of last season is a major plus for any program. 

One of the bigger retentions for Georgia didn't come in the form of a player. Despite there being a strong belief that offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, would more than likely be making a return to the NFL this offseason, the Bulldogs managed to keep Monken around for at least one more season. 

Since the addition of Monken in 2020, the Bulldogs have continued to improve in their offensive efficiency every single year. Prior to Monken, the Bulldogs averaged 28.3 points per game. That number was bumped up to 32.3 the following year and then 37.4 this past season. 

Georgia quarterback, Stetson Bennett, is also entering his third year under the Monken regime which may seem like a small detail, but having both a quarterback with a lot of experience in a system and an offensive coordinator who knows how to call a gameplan that is centered around that player's strengths is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

The number of playmakers that Georgia will have on offense this season shouldn't be overlooked either. Just going down the depth chart, names like Adonai Mitchell, Arian Smith, Ladd McConkey, Kenny McIntosh, and Brock Bowers, who is arguably the best tight end in all of college football, all stand out along with others not named. 

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Georgia continued to improve on offense over the past few years, so much so that they were a top ten offense last year. Retaining their offensive coordinator and returning well over the majority of their offensive production from 2021 very well could lead to the Bulldogs being even better offensively this next season than they were last season. 

It's the progression as an offense that Kirby Smart spoke about on December 7th, 2019 as LSU skull drug the Dawgs in the SEC Championship game on their way to a historic season. Since that moment, Georgia's offense has taken a new form, and the results are arriving now. 

Not to mention, Georgia's defense should take a step back in 2022 because, well, how couldn't they? Last season was statistically an anomaly in college football. They will need more offensively come this fall. 

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