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Impact: How The Failed Pursuit of Arch Manning Changes Georgia

For the moment, Georgia's efforts to pursue Arch Manning have been unfruitful. Now, with Manning a Texas commit, how has it impacted Georgia Football?

Arch Manning committed to Texas on Thursday, if you haven't heard. Arguably the most highly-anticipated and covered recruitment in recent memory, the Longhorns edged out the likes of Georgia and Alabama. 

The son of Cooper Manning, Arch is shaping up to be the next in line among a three-headed family monster of quarterbacks that drastically impacted the game of football. First, Archie, an original of his own, creative and athletic, the complete opposite of his two boys. Second, Peyton and Eli Manning are Hall of Famers in their own right and men who have left their stamp on the history books.

Surely, Georgia will continue its pursuit of Manning in a tasteful manner moving forward with nearly six months until signing day. Though, with Georgia having gone All-In on the Arch Manning recruitment, it is clear to see Thursday was an impactful blow. 

There was plenty to gain with the landing of Arch Manning. Texas will likely experience such results in the very near future. However, pursuing Manning for Georgia meant abandoning the remainder of the 2023 quarterback class on the recruiting trail. And it is a rather impressive class. 

  • Arch Manning (Texas)
  • Nico Iamaleava (Tennessee) 
  • Dante Moore - (Oregon, Michigan, LSU among others)
  • Christopher Vizzina (Clemson) 
  • Eli Holstein (Alabama) 
  • Dylan Lonergan (Alabama, Stanford, South Carolina, Ohio State) 
  • Marcel Reed (Ole Miss) 

Georgia is likely to punt on a 2023 class that could have five or six guys that have first-round futures. 

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Though they will certainly teach you about Opportunity costs in business school, the school of hard knocks will tell you that successful businesses playing with house money can afford to play at a riskier table. Thanks to three consecutive years of stacking high-end talent, Kirby Smart and this Georgia staff were afforded the assurances that come with an already loaded quarterback room. 

So, if you're asking yourself, was the juice worth the squeeze on the pursuit of Arch Manning? Well, I'd say the glass was already full. 

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