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Kirby Smart Calls Two Freshmen RBs "Different"

Georgia has two talented freshmen running backs entering 2022, and Kirby Smart thinks that they are "different" than most young backs.

Georgia has been known for their running back development dating back to the 80s with Herschel Walker, all the way up to last year's NFL Draft when not one but two backs were selected from the 2021 national championship team. 

You don't have the success on Saturday's at the position without recruiting at an elite level either, something that running backs coach Dell McGee has done since his arrival in 2016. His latest additions? Freshmen Andrew Paul and Branson Robinson, both of whom head coach Kirby Smart said are "different" 

"These two young guys are different." Smart said, "They’re a little heavier, thicker, run behind their pads, and they probably don’t show up best until days like today because they’re a little harder to tackle."

Smart would go on to say that he thought both Andrew Paul and Branson Robinson had really good scrimmages, but like most young backs, they have room for improvement in the protection department.

"I thought both those guys [Andrew Paul and Branson Robinson] had good scrimmages. Not great, they’re not where they need to be, not where they need to be in pass-pro, but they are hard to tackle, and they’re thick. I’m very pleased with where they are. Neither one going through the spring hurts their development in terms of number one, special teams, and number two, picking up pressures."

Though they have room for improvement prior to playing a feature role in this offense, they could be called upon early in their Georgia tenures considering the attrition that typically occurs at the position. If called upon, Smart says he will need them ready to go. 

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"We need them to come along," Smart said. "Because durability is always an issue at back. I don’t think I’ve been through a year here where we didn’t have one of our top three backs miss a game. If that happens, one of those guys better be ready to step up and play.”

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