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Matt Luke Hire Already Paying Dividends for Georgia Bulldogs

Just 48 hours after finding out Sam Pittman would be leaving for Arkansas, Kirby Smart hired Matt Luke. The decision is already paying dividends for Georgia.

When you have continued success as a head coach at the collegiate level one thing that should be expected is that you will likely lose assistants every year. 

With top assistants being picked off the staff for two consecutive seasons now, the Georgia Bulldogs have officially entered that space. Last year it was Mel Tucker and Jim Chaney. This season it was offensive line coach Sam Pittman

So, if you are going to keep that success rolling you've got to be able to find adequate replacements and find them fast. That's exactly what Kirby Smart did with hiring Matt Luke in less than 48 hours after Pittman took the Arkansas job. 

Luke has officially been the Georgia offensive line coach for 19 days. In those 19 days, he's managed to sign and secure two of Pittman's commits, build a rapport with the two looming linemen, add two commits of his own, and drastically impact the current Bulldogs. 

Tate Ratledge even told the Bulldog Maven that he built a relationship with coach Luke faster than any other coach he's ever met. 

Luke has been the number one thing Georgia staff and players have raved about this week. And they all say the same thing... Energy

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It only took James Coley about thirty seconds into his press conference today before he mentioned the new addition to the staff. 

Jamaree Salyer told us that Luke's energy is infectious. That whenever a player like George Pickens makes a great play, the person running downfield to celebrate is none other than Luke. 

Though, it's not just about the energy he brings into a room. As Coley mentioned, this is a guy that has head coaching experience and a passion for teaching the game. Whether it's in individual drills with the offensive line or in the offensive staff meeting room about a run scheme or passing concept, Luke is infatuated with the game. 

Look, Sam Pittman is a phenomenal offensive line coach. Not just recruiter. Coach. After all, he has placed 11 offensive linemen into the NFL since 2011 and will add two more this spring with Thomas and Wilson, but Luke is no substitute replacement. 

This is a guy that's put his fair share of talent into the league as well. A former head coach who impacts those around him and dominates a room. The "Great Wall" of Georgia football is in great hands.