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Sophomore Surge: How Bowers Manages to Get Better in '22

Georgia football’s tight end, Brock Bowers is both one of the best in the nation and one the most important players for the Bulldogs this season.

Georgia is coming off a season in which they had one of the most efficient years on offense in recent memory averaging 38.4 points per game and finishing in the top 5 nationally in yards per play. Despite all of the well-deserved attention being given to the defense from 2021, Georgia's offense was explosive and efficient. 

While it takes a lot of different pieces to formulate a great offense one of the biggest reasons for the amount of success the Bulldogs had last season was because of tight end Brock Bowers. 

During the 2021 season, Bowers was responsible for 84 of Georgia‘s points, the most points scored by either a tight end or wide receiver in school history. The even more astonishing part is that, obviously, he did it as a true freshman.

Bowers’ game evolved at a rapid pace last season. It’s not too often that a first-year player is both targeted the most and has the most receptions on the team in his very first collegiate football game, and during one of the biggest games of the season nonetheless. Let alone a tight end. 

The California native quickly became one of the focal points of Georgia’s offense, and offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, made sure to get his hands on the ball at all costs and in all forms and facets. Even if it meant creating designed run plays to hand the ball off to Bowers in the backfield.

The moment has never been too big for Bowers and now with a full year of experience under his belt, his importance to Georgia only increases in 2022. With the number of playmakers the Bulldogs return on offense this year they may not have to rely on Bowers as much as they did last season, but his presence alone on the football field makes him a highly valued player.

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The expectations are riding high for Bowers heading into the 2022 season. Guess that’s the price you pay when you’re being labeled as the best right end in all of college football. And it’s those same reasons that make Bowers one of the Bulldog’s most important players in 2022, and a lot of their offensive production will more than likely rest in his hands. Literally and figuratively. 

The biggest thing for Bowers heading into the 2022 season is that he arguably has much more help around him. Towards the latter part of the season in 2021, teams began to shift coverages toward Bowers, forcing throws in his direction to be into much tighter windows. With the development of Adonai Mitchell and Ladd McConkey at the receiver position and the addition of Arik Gilbert alongside Bowers as a threat, defenses likely won't be afforded the opportunity to focus solely on Bowers. 

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