Pop Warner Powerhouse: Ep. 3 - 2021 WR, Jayden Thomas

He was the biggest and best of them all. Now, he's still one of the top players in the entire country in 2021. Ep. 3 of Pop Warner Powerhouse, Jayden Thomas.
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They call him J-Money. 

Jayden Thomas is one of the top wide receivers in the 2021 class, and being the best player on the field isn't something that's new to him. Not at all. 

In fact, when Thomas first started playing football, opposing parents and coaches were asking for his birth certificate for verification. 

He was a foot taller than everybody else at age 10, but he was also just that much more talented. The ball skills and route-running capabilities that have him choosing between the likes of Georgia, Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State, amongst many others, today, were on display at a very early age. 

He was, however, missing something. He was missing that edge, or as Coach Lester Benn calls it, "that dog." 

Your pop warner years are essential to your formidable future; that's been evident throughout this series. If there's a constant that arrives in the stories and lives of these young men it's about how impactful those lessons were when they were younger. 

They all talk about the conditioning sessions and the discipline that was instilled. For Thomas, none of those things were more important than the work ethic he learned as a 10-year old young man.

MJ Morris learned the confidence to stick at quarterback and never looked back, never having played anything other than QB since that season. Thomas found that "dog" and is one of the more physically imposing high school wideouts in the country in 2021. 

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