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Score Predictions For Georgia vs. UAB

We sit down with each member of our staff to get their final predictions on Georgia vs UAB.

One day before Georgia's home opener against UAB, we sat down with each staff member to get their final predictions on the game.

Brooks Austin: Georgia 34, UAB 6

Even if JT Daniels were to play, with the way in which Georgia is struggling with health and finding an identity offensively, I find it hard to believe they put up an exorbitant amount of points on Saturday. Combine that with the fact that UAB will be attempting to run the football, I just don't see this game being a high-scoring affair. This will be a defensive-led football game, with Georgia pouring it on in the second half. 

Harrison Reno: Georgia 31, UAB 3

With JT Daniels questionable for Saturday's home opener inside Sanford Stadium, I expect Georgia to lean heavily on the run game as they have historically. Georgia's strong run game paired with a top-tier defense, the Dawgs should beat UAB comfortably to advance to 2-0 on the season.

Robert Crosby: Georgia 28, UAB 7

Georgia comes into the week more battered than they were last week and will be facing one of the best run defenses in the country from last year in UAB. The Dawgs should still be able to find success, but it won’t be easy. All that changes if Georgia feels comfortable opening it up offensively.

Jonathan Williams: Georgia 31, UAB 10

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Georgia still has some key pieces missing on offense for this matchup against UAB, which will limit them with how dynamic they can be on the offensive side of the ball. However, regardless of the injuries, Georgia's defense will get the job done, and the offense will prevail to help get Georgia their second win of the season. 

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